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SMILE, because your incoming calls will never give you a second chance to make a "First Impression".

Smile 3 is the Screen Based Console for the Avaya CS1000 that will help your operator to improve the service provided to your customers.

Are customers very important to your company ?

Do they really need all your attention and care ?

Don't hesitate to give them a "Smile" for welcoming them...

The Smile application will:

Increase Operator Productivity and Flexibility

  • Smile cockpit philosophy – Operator is in control of incoming calls in a twinkling of an eye

  • Personalized operator automatic greeting played on each incoming call

  • Smile 3 directory is synchronized with in-house LDAP directory

  • Smile 3 is integrated with MS Outlook calendar – Operator can inform customer about availability of called person

  • Smile 3 is integrated with E-mail server to send and receive e-mails

  • Smile 3 Operator Console is a softphone configured as an ACD agent from the CS1000 or from Contact Centre 6.

  • Smile 3 operator can work from anywhere in the company or from home provided that the right network connection is available
  • Smile 3 allows flexible and multi task environment for the operators: different operators can share the same Smile license at different time schedules of the day
  • Smile 3 operator can record calls on demand in case of threat or abusive call
  • Smile 3 operator console Graphical User Interface (GUI):
    • - is available in several languages
    • - exists in 4 color flavours
    • - allows the operator to add a personal picture or logo

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Smile 3 Operator is a softphone configured as an ACD agent on CS1000 or Contact Centre 6. Therefore it can take benefit of all high available and resilient features from a state-of-the art IP PBX, always providing the best service

  • ACD hardphone (Desktop, DECT or WIFI) can be used as failover in case of a Smile 3 outage

  • Welcome messages are provided from the ACD RAN routes (first ran route, Second ran route) when using MIRAN cards

  • When integrated to Contact Centre 6, Smile 3 provides following added value features:

    • - Based on DNIS or CLID, incoming calls can be given a personalized treatment (specific welcome message, high priority for quicker answer, route to same operator)
    • - Time of day and holiday treatments
    • - Average time before answer message, …
    • - Extended range of reports for measuring delivered quality
  • Call monitoring and recording provide tools for improving customer service + Smile 3 operator gets all relevant information about the availability of the requested person à accurate customer information

Increase Revenues/Decrease Costs

  • Smile 3 Operator Console helps your company to deliver a better customer service therefore increasing your customers’ loyalty

  • Smile 3 operator can work from home: no need to add an office space for them


Decrease Total Cost of Ownership

  • Smile 3 Operator Console is completely integrated with CS1000, Contact Centre 6 and Contact recording

  • No need to invest in specific hardware to let it work ( no console, no CIU, no gateway,…)

  • Smile 3 is a softphone solution working with a licensing mechanism allowing for flexibility
    (eg: Smile 3 licensed for 4 simultaneous operator consoles: the 4 consoles do not need to run always from the same PC)

  • Smile 3 is easy to install, to maintain, to use,…

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SMILE, because your incoming calls will never give you a second chance to make a
"First Impression".

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